A little reminder, are you sure that you want to leave this empty those jeans will look so good on you?

December 20, 2018 1 min read

What began as a dream slowly fermented into an idea and from an idea came a business. In the circles of fashion, seldom do you have true designers and innovators. In today's industry, buyers and replicators have blurred the lines of design and the customer has been swallowed up in a repetitious noise of confusing trends. 

Tri Colour Federation is the label that bridges clarity into the hearts and minds of each and every customer. Our production principals are to deliver the highest quality product that intertwines with your wardrobe. We specifically construct our garments to not only look but feel a part of you.   

Unlike many of our competitors, we design our own patterns and aesthetics around exclusive organic cotton that is unattainable from any other brand in Australia. It is the most sustainable textile by ISKO and is globally accredited as such. This makes Tri Colour Federation one of the major leaders in eco friendly denim apparel.  

We are proud to stand boldly as a label that delivers on our promises to you the customer and to the environment. Thank you for supporting us as we draw a close to the end of 2018. Together, we are sending an important message of sustainable fashion and making the change.